How to Integrate Anti-Phishing Solutions into Existing Security Infrastructure

Today, we answer the question “How do I integrate anti-phishing solutions into my existing security infrastructure?”

Today, layered security and perimeter-based security solutions are less effective than they used to be. Organizations tend to lump these things together as anti-phishing solutions as they deal with traditional symptoms of phishing problems – cybercriminals luring you to another site or emails with malware attachments.

The great thing about phishing intelligence solutions is they fit in with other solutions that you have in place, supporting standards such as XML, where the data you consume is normalized and delivered in the form of an IP Address that you can block directly from your firewall, IDS/IPS or whichever mechanism you have in place – quickly and easily.

PhishMe Inc. to Present at 2013 (ISC)² Security Congress in Chicago

(ISC)² Security Congress, September 18, 2013 – Chicago, IL – PhishMe, the leading provider of security behavior management services that improve employees’ resilience towards spear phishing, malware, and drive-by attacks, today announced that its CEO and co-founder, Rohyt Belani, will present at (ISC)² Security Congress in Chicago next week. Co-presenting with Brandon Dunlap of Brightfly Consulting, Belani will discuss why protecting U.S. critical infrastructure and industrial control systems (ICS), such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), will continue to be a key homeland security and national security issue and why spear-phishing attacks are a major threat. As the U.S. still tops the charts for providing the most comfortable hosting platforms for phishing sites internationally, the panelists will discuss the highly controversial approaches to U.S. offensive and defensive cyber strategy moving forward.