PhishMe Reporter


PhishMe Reporter gets everyone in the company involved and thinking about security. With a simple click, my team is immediately aware of phishing activity and can begin to investigate.
– VP, IT Security, Technology Provider Company

Though PhishMe Simulator conditions employees to resist phishing attempts, “not clicking” isn’t enough.  In the midst of a phishing attack, early detection matters. Visibility is critical for security operations and incident response teams to minimize the time an attacker is on your network.

To date, organizations have lacked an efficient process for gathering, organizing, and analyzing user reports of suspicious emails that may indicate early stages of a cyber attack. PhishMe Reporter™ provides organizations with a simple, cost-effective way to fill this information gap.

Enabling Human Sensors

PhishMe Reporter empowers users to proactively participate in an organization’s security program. By simplifying the process for employee reporting of suspicious email, PhishMe Reporter makes it easy for your employees to report any suspicious email they receive.

PhishMe Reporter is an easy-to-install and use add-in for the PC or MAC with Outlook, o365, Gmail, or Lotus Notes email toolbars. When clicked, PhishMe Reporter sends the suspicious email to your security team. It automatically discerns emails reported during phishing simulations from unknown sources, ensuring that only reports of potentially malicious emails are delivered to appropriate security staff or direction into PhishMe Triage for fast analysis.

Experience and Engagement

CBTs and training videos don’t work.  Hands-on experience and positive reinforcement change employee behavior and promote diligence in the fight against phishing attempts.  PhishMe has shown reductions in organizational susceptibility to phishing attacks by more than 95%. Providing instant feedback when a successful phish is reported or when an employee fails a simulated phish creates a memorable experience. Positive reinforcement is the key to a successful human phishing defense program.


Why PhishMe Reporter?

Standardize and organize your user reporting process

Detect and respond to email-based threats faster with user-generated reporting

Analyze URL and malware attachments using third- party integrations

Minimize impact of breaches with proactive response and improved visibility

Customizable user feedback encourages employees to be a part of the security process


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